Nuxt / Content
If you love VueJS and are looking to create a blog or a documentation site, then you need to use NuxtJS and their Content module.
This starter template uses TailwindCSS. Check out their documentation for the various ways you can apply TailwindCSS to your documentation center. You may also want to check out TailwindUI, their paid library of pre-made components.
When you're ready to make your site live, use Cleavr to provision a VPS server, configure your server for Nuxt, and deploy your site.

Libraries Used

Library Description
@nuxt/content Create blogs and docs using markdown and Vue components
tailwindcss-responsive-embed Make embedded content responsive
tailwindcss-aspect-ratio Display ideal aspect rations for media
@tailwindcss/typography Style html converted from Markdown with Prose class
nuxt-content-algolia Deliver documentation content to your Algolia indices
vue-instantsearch Algolia search components made for VueJS
v-click-outside Detect outside clicks - great for collapsing dropdown menus